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Unlocking the Path to Radiant Smiles: Comprehensive Dental Care at Sensational Smiles

At Sensational Smiles, their mission is to ensure that every patient feels confident in the health and beauty of their smile!

The diligent staff at the Sutton dental centre strive each day to help patients achieve dental health, wellness, and enhance the aesthetics of their smiles. With services ranging from general dentistry to full mouth reconstruction, they offer the essential care required for a smile that patients are proud to share. What makes Sensational Smiles stand out is their comprehensive range of services, and their dental practice is furnished with the latest technologies and equipment to deliver stunning smiles all across Carshalton, Sutton.

The dental team at Sensational Smiles comprises a highly skilled and specialised group of professionals. These include a Diplomate in implantology, a UK-certified advanced zygomatic dental implant expert, and an oral surgeon with the experience of placing over 6,000 implants throughout their 30-year career. Their reputation has led many London dentists to trust Sensational Smiles with their patients for the most complex cases. They safely restore and enhance the health and aesthetics of their patients’ smiles using a blend of artistry and scientific knowledge to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Prioritising patient comfort and experience, Sensational Smiles has an in-house anaesthetist who has safely administered over 50,000 general anaesthetics and sedation for dental and medical procedures. They offer the most modern techniques and technologies in dentistry and provide sedative options and amenities to enhance patient comfort. If one seeks dental care from a highly skilled and specialised team of professionals, look no further than Sensational Smiles.

The practice offers numerous treatment options to enhance the health and appearance of patients’ smiles, including:

  1. Dental Cleanings and Examinations: Regular visits help maintain a healthy, beautiful smile through routine dental cleanings and check-ups.
  2. Orthodontics: Straightening misaligned teeth for improved function and appearance.
  3. Restorative Dentistry: They offer restorative solutions to repair damaged smiles.
  4. Emergency Dentistry: Available for immediate services in many instances to both new and existing patients in the community.
  5. Sedation Dentistry: Sedation services for nervous patients, to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.
  6. Facial Rejuvenation: Combating the signs of aging with dermal fillers and Botox injections.
  7. Root Canal Treatment: Salvaging natural teeth and avoiding extraction with endodontic therapy.
  8. Porcelain Veneers: Enhancing smiles with cosmetic dentistry services such as porcelain veneers, especially when imperfections exist on the visible teeth.
  9. Periodontal Therapies: Restoring the health of gums impacted by periodontal disease; their practice offers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention services.

They also offer:


Teeth Whitening

Dental Crowns



Toothwear treatment