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Is There a Kosher Safari in Kruger National Park

If you’re looking to explore the natural beauty of Kruger National Park while adhering to kosher dietary laws, you’re in luck! Yes, there are kosher safaris available in Kruger National Park that offer an unforgettable experience without compromising your religious or dietary requirements.

What is a Kosher Safari?

Elephant zebras and impalas

A kosher safari is a wildlife expedition that adheres to the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut. This means that all food provided during the safari is kosher-certified, and the preparation adheres to kosher guidelines. Additionally, these specialized safaris often take into account other Jewish customs and rituals, ensuring a comfortable and spiritually fulfilling experience.

Features of a Kosher Safari in Kruger National Park

Gourmet Kosher Cuisine

One of the highlights of a kosher safari in Kruger National Park is the gourmet kosher cuisine. From freshly baked challah to kosher-certified meats and wines, you can enjoy a luxurious dining experience in the heart of the African wilderness.

Expert Guides

These safaris often come with knowledgeable guides who are not only experts in wildlife but are also familiar with the needs of Jewish travelers. This ensures a seamless and enriching safari experience. Find out more here

Sabbath Observance

For those who observe the Sabbath, gourmet kosher safaris make necessary arrangements such as early Friday returns to the lodge and the availability of a synagogue or prayer room.


Kosher safaris are also family-friendly, offering activities and amenities that cater to travelers of all ages.

How to Book a Kosher Safari in Kruger National Park

Booking a kosher safari is similar to booking any other safari. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the tour operator specializes in kosher African safaris and can meet all your specific needs. Always inquire about the kosher certification of the food, Sabbath observance, and other religious accommodations.


A kosher safari in Kruger National Park offers an incredible opportunity to explore one of Africa’s most iconic wildlife reserves without compromising on your dietary or religious needs. With gourmet kosher food, expert guides, and a range of accommodations, it’s an experience not to be missed.

For more information on booking your dream kosher safari, visit Glatt Safaris.