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The Ultimate Guide To Summer Promotional Products

Partnering with Perkal Promo for Your Summer Promotional Needs

When it comes to sourcing high-quality, customisable summer promotional gifts, Perkal Promo is a name you can trust. With a wide range of items, from beach bags and branded beach towels to cooler bags and outdoor chairs, Perkal Promo offers a one-stop solution for all your promotional needs. Their expertise in branding and customisation ensures that your logo and message stand out, whether it’s printed on a beach ball or embroidered on a beach towel. Partnering with Perkal Promo not only elevates the quality of your promotional items but also enhances your brand’s visibility, making your summer marketing campaign a resounding success.

The Season of Opportunity: Summer

Summer is the season of sun, sand, and surf. It’s also the perfect time for businesses to engage with their audience through promotional products that resonate with the season’s vibe. From beach outings to outdoor picnics, summer promotional items can not only enhance the consumer experience but also elevate your brand’s visibility. Here’s a rundown of some must-have summer promotional products that will make your brand the talk of the season.

Beach Essentials

A day at the beach is incomplete without a stylish and functional bag. Customisable beach bags are a fantastic way to showcase your brand while providing a useful item that consumers will use throughout the summer. While you’re at it, why not throw in some branded beach towels? These towels can be customised with your logo, making them a walking advertisement every time they’re spread out on the sand.

Fun in the Sun

Nothing screams summer fun like a beach ball. Branded beach balls are an affordable and effective way to engage with families. They’re not just for the beach; these balls can be used in pools, parks, and even indoor events.

Shade and Comfort

When it comes to comfort and shade, beach canopy & sun shelters and branded beach umbrellas are the way to go. These items offer a large surface area for branding, making them highly visible from a distance. They’re also incredibly functional, providing much-needed shade during hot summer days.

Food and Beverage

Summer outings are incomplete without some chilled beverages and snacks. Branded cooler bags are an excellent way to keep everything fresh while showcasing your brand. These cooler bags come in various sizes and styles, making them versatile promotional items.

Outdoor Seating

For those who love to lounge outdoors, branded outdoor chairs are a godsend. These chairs can be customised to feature your brand’s logo and colours, making them perfect for outdoor events or even for personal use at home.

Fashion and Style

Last but not least, summer is the season to flaunt some style. Branded sunglasses and branded vests are fashionable items that people love to wear during the sunny months. Not only do they offer a style statement, but they also provide a functional purpose, protecting eyes from the sun and keeping bodies cool.


Summer promotional products offer a unique blend of functionality and visibility for your brand. By choosing items that people will use and appreciate, you’re not just giving away promotional products; you’re creating brand ambassadors. So, make this summer unforgettable with promotional items that people will love and use, especially when sourced from a reliable partner like Perkal Promo.