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The Comprehensive Guide to Spill Kits

In today’s industrial world, being prepared for unexpected spills is crucial. Whether it’s a minor oil leak or a major chemical spill, having the right spill kit on hand can make all the difference. At Afrisupply, we offer a wide range of spill kits tailored to various needs. Let’s dive into the different types available:

1. Universal Spill Kits

The Universal Spill Kits are designed to handle a broad range of liquid spills. They are versatile and suitable for both industrial and commercial settings.

2. Oil Only Spill Kits

For those dealing specifically with oil-based spills, the Oil Only Spill Kits are your go-to. They are designed to absorb oil while repelling water, making them perfect for marine and shoreline applications.

3. Chemical Spill Kits

Handling chemicals requires utmost care. Our Chemical Spill Kits are tailored to safely contain and clean up chemical spills, ensuring safety and compliance.

Speciality Spill Kits

For specific needs, we also offer a range of speciality spill kits:

1. Anti Static Spill Kits

In environments where static electricity is a concern, the Anti Static Spill Kits are essential. They prevent static build-up, reducing the risk of ignition.

2. Biological Spill Kits

Dealing with biological materials? Our Biological Spill Kits ensure safe containment and disposal.

3. Glass Spill Kits

Broken glass can be hazardous. The Glass Spill Kits are designed to safely pick up and dispose of shattered glass.

4. Haccp Spill Kits

In food processing and related industries, the Haccp Spill Kits are essential for maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

5. Paint Spill Kits

For paint spills and drips, the Paint Spill Kits are your best bet.

6. Mercury Spill Kits

Mercury is highly toxic. Our Mercury Spill Kits ensure its safe containment and disposal.

7. Cytotoxic Spill Kits

Handling cytotoxic substances requires special care. The Cytotoxic Spill Kits are designed for this very purpose.

In conclusion, being prepared for spills is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring the safety of your workforce and the environment. Choose the right spill kit for your needs and stay prepared! Find out more about spill kits, a trusted supplier in South Africa.