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Magnetic Solutions for Modern Industries with African Magnets

In the realm of industrial operations, the use of magnets has revolutionised several processes, from material handling to metal separation. African Magnets, a leader in this domain, offers a comprehensive range of magnetic products tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Let’s delve into their innovative offerings:

1. Material Handling Magnets

Efficient material handling is crucial for smooth industrial operations. Material Handling Magnets like Conveyor Magnets ensure that materials move seamlessly through production lines, enhancing productivity.

2. Metal Separation Tools

Separating metals from non-metals can be a daunting task. However, with Metal Separation Tools such as Magnetic Separators, the process becomes efficient and precise, ensuring purity in production.

3. Non-Wet Separation Equipment

For industries that require dry processes, the Non-Wet Separation Equipment like Dry Magnetic Separator is a boon, ensuring effective separation without the use of liquids.

4. Chrome Alloy Attraction Device

Specialised industries require specific solutions. The Chrome Alloy Attraction Device, or Ferrochrome Magnet, is designed to attract and separate ferrochrome alloys effectively.

5. Magnetic Field Neutralisers

In certain scenarios, neutralising a magnetic field is essential. Magnetic Field Neutralisers, such as Demagnetising coils, serve this purpose, ensuring equipment and products remain magnet-free.

6. Heavy Object Lifting Devices

Lifting heavy objects in industries like construction and warehousing requires robust solutions. Heavy Object Lifting Devices like Lifting Magnets make this task effortless and safe.

7. Overhead Crane Magnetic Attachments

Cranes are indispensable in many industries. Enhancing their functionality with Overhead Crane Magnetic Attachments like Crane Magnets ensures efficient material handling.

8. Rotary Magnetic Equipment

Separation processes often require rotary action. The Rotary Magnetic Equipment like Drum Magnet ensures effective separation with its rotating design.

9. Air-Cooled Magnetic Devices

Cooling is essential for many magnetic devices. Air-Cooled Magnetic Devices like the Fan-Cooled Electro Magnet offer efficient cooling, ensuring longevity and performance.

10. Self-Cleaning Magnetic Units

Maintenance can be a challenge with magnetic devices. However, Self-Cleaning Magnetic Units like the Oil Cooled Electro Magnet offer self-cleaning features, reducing maintenance needs.

11. Hand-Cleaned Magnetic Systems

For specific applications, manual cleaning is preferred. The Hand-Cleaned Magnetic Systems like the Manual-Cleaning Oil Cooled Electro Magnet provide this flexibility.

12. Always-Active Magnetic Devices

Some applications require constant magnetic force. Always-Active Magnetic Devices like Permanent Magnets ensure a consistent magnetic field without the need for electricity.


Magnets play a pivotal role in modern industries, enhancing efficiency and precision. With African Magnets’ diverse range of products, industries can find tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s material handling or metal separation, African Magnets has the perfect magnetic solution.