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How to Pack Furniture in a Storage Unit: A Comprehensive Guide


Storing furniture, whether it’s a cherished antique chair or a contemporary sectional sofa, requires more than just placing items in a storage unit. Proper packing ensures the longevity of your furniture, protecting it from potential damage, dust, and pests. This guide will walk you through the meticulous process of packing furniture for storage, ensuring that when the time comes to retrieve your items, they’re in the same condition as when you left them.

Preparation Before Packing

Before you even think about moving your furniture into a storage unit, there are a few preparatory steps to consider:

  • Cleaning: It’s essential to ensure every piece of furniture is thoroughly clean and dry. This step is crucial to prevent mould, mildew, and unpleasant odours. Use appropriate cleaners for wood, fabric, and metal, and let items air dry.
  • Dismantling: Some furniture pieces, like beds, tables, or large cabinets, can be taken apart. This not only saves space but also minimises the risk of damage during transportation and storage.
  • Inventory: Create a detailed list of all furniture items you plan to store. This inventory will be invaluable when organising your storage unit and when you eventually need to retrieve items.

Materials Neede

Having the right packing materials can make a world of difference:

  • Protective Covers: Specialised furniture covers, old blankets, or bubble wrap can shield your furniture from dust, scratches, and dings. These covers are especially crucial for upholstered items.
  • Packing Tape: A sturdy packing tape will help seal and secure the protective materials around your furniture.
  • Labels: Clearly label each item or its protective cover. This step ensures easy identification later on.
  • Plastic Bags: When you dismantle furniture, store screws, bolts, and other small parts in labeled plastic bags. Attach these bags to the respective furniture piece to avoid confusion later.

Packing Techniques

Packing furniture requires strategy:

  • Vertical Storage: Items like sofas and mattresses can often be stored vertically, maximising space and ensuring even weight distribution.
  • Avoid Stacking: While it might be tempting to stack items, avoid placing heavy items on top of soft or upholstered furniture. This can lead to indentations or damage.
  • Use Drawers: An empty drawer is wasted space. Use drawers in dressers or nightstands to store smaller items, effectively utilising every inch of space.
  • Leave Aisles: As you pack your unit, ensure you leave walkable aisles. This design allows for easier access to items at the back of the unit.

Protecting Fragile and Valuable Items

Your fragile and valuable items need extra care:

  • Padding: Items with glass, such as tabletops or mirrors, require additional padding. Consider using bubble wrap or thick blankets.
  • Elevate: To protect against potential water damage or spills, keep furniture slightly elevated off the storage unit floor.
  • Climate Control: If you’re storing items that are sensitive to temperature changes or humidity, like antique wood or certain fabrics, consider renting a climate-controlled unit.

Regular Maintenance and Checks

Once your furniture is safely stored, the job isn’t over:

  • Ventilation: Ensure your storage unit has adequate ventilation. Good airflow is crucial to prevent mould and mildew from forming.
  • Regular Visits: Make it a habit to check on your storage unit periodically. This practice helps you spot and address any issues early on.
  • Pest Control: No one wants pests nesting in their furniture. Use natural repellents, and ensure your storage facility has regular pest control measures in place.


Storing furniture is more than just a matter of space—it’s an art that requires careful planning and execution. By investing time in the packing process and following these guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and safety of your furniture. Whether you’re storing items for a month or a decade, proper packing will provide peace of mind and ensure your furniture remains in pristine condition. Find a storage near me here.