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Explore Teva International’s Diverse Range of Coffee Cups

At Teva International, they are dedicated to providing their customers with a broad array of top-quality products, specially tailored to satisfy the diverse requirements of the coffee-serving industry. Whether you are an individual coffee enthusiast or a bustling café, Teva International has everything you need to serve your beverages with flair and efficiency. Explore their extensive collection and discover why Teva International is regarded as a trusted leader in the field.

Their Extensive Product Range:

  • Black LDPE Double Wall Coffee Cups: Crafted for durability and comfort, these double-wall cups maintain your coffee hot while keeping hands comfortable.
  • Ripple Wall Coffee Cups – Black LDPE: Savour the unique texture and exceptional insulation, ideal for a steaming cup of coffee.
  • Black Lids – PS: Secure your beverages with their high-quality black lids, meticulously designed to prevent spills and leaks.
  • Clear PLA Biodegradable Cups & Dome Lids: Opt for sustainability with their biodegradable cups, fusing eco-friendliness with crystal clear visibility.
  • Cup Carriers & Stirrers: Make carrying coffee on the go a breeze with their convenient carriers and stirrers.
  • Double Wall Coffee Cups: Discover their variety of double-wall coffee cups, offering exceptional insulation.
  • Ripple Wall Coffee Cups – Kraft LDPE: These cups impart a natural and earthy feel to your coffee service, marrying style with functionality.
  • Kraft PLA Biodegradable Double Wall Coffee Cups: Stay eco-conscious with their biodegradable kraft cups, harmonizing environmental responsibility with quality.
  • Kraft LDPE Double Wall Coffee Cups: Their Kraft LDPE cups offer a classic appearance while ensuring beverage insulation and comfort. These cups blend practicality with a timeless design, making them ideal for any setting that values both aesthetics and functionality. The double-wall construction ensures the contents stay hot, enhancing the coffee-drinking experience.
  • Lids: Explore their assortment of lids, designed to complement all types of cups while preventing any spills. These lids are essential for maintaining the integrity of the beverage, whether on the go or in a sit-down setting, and are available in various styles to match different cup designs.
  • P.P. Clear Cups: Perfect for cold beverages, these clear cups are durable and convenient. They provide a crystal-clear view of the drink, making them ideal for showcasing iced coffees, smoothies, and other visually appealing beverages.
  • Plastic Cups and Lids: A staple for any coffee-serving establishment, find the perfect match for your service style. Their range includes a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring that there’s a cup and lid combo to suit every beverage and occasion.
  • PLA Biodegradable Lids: Complement your eco-friendly cups with their biodegradable lids. These lids are made from renewable resources, offering a sustainable choice without sacrificing functionality or quality.
  • PLA Biodegradable Straws: Take a step towards sustainability with their biodegradable straws. Made from environmentally friendly materials, these straws are a great choice for those looking to minimize their ecological footprint while enjoying their favorite beverages. These straws are not only eco-conscious but also sturdy and practical.
  • Ripple Wall Coffee Cups: Discover the full range of their ripple wall cups, offering enhanced insulation and a unique tactile experience. These cups are designed to keep drinks at the desired temperature longer, while the ripple design provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Single Wall Coffee Cups: For those who prefer simplicity, their single-wall cups are an excellent choice. These cups are ideal for a variety of settings and offer a straightforward solution for serving both hot and cold beverages.
  • White PLA Biodegradable Single Wall Coffee Cups: These cups offer a blend of eco-friendliness and sleek design. Made from biodegradable materials, they are perfect for establishments seeking to make a positive environmental impact without compromising on style or quality.
  • White PLA Biodegradable Double Wall Coffee Cups: Double the insulation, double the commitment to sustainability. These cups provide excellent heat retention while being kind to the environment, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious coffee lovers.
  • White LDPE Single Wall Coffee Cups: Simple yet effective, these cups are a popular choice for a variety of settings. They offer the essential features needed for enjoying hot beverages, combining practicality with a clean, minimalist design. Their sturdy construction ensures reliability, making them a go-to option for everyday coffee serving.
  • White LDPE Ripple Wall Coffee Cups: Combine practicality with style with these uniquely textured cups. The ripple wall not only adds a distinct visual appeal but also enhances the grip and insulation, making these cups a favourite for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in their coffee service.
  • White LDPE Double Wall Coffee Cups: A classic option for those seeking reliable and comfortable coffee cups. The double-wall design provides superior insulation, keeping the coffee hot and ensuring the cup is comfortable to hold. Their sleek white appearance makes them versatile for any coffee-serving scenario.
  • White Lids – PS: Teva International’s white lids fit perfectly, ensuring your coffee stays in the cup, not on your hands. These lids are a crucial component of their coffee-serving solutions, providing a secure fit and helping to maintain the temperature and quality of the beverage.

At Teva International, they’re not just about products; they’re about providing experiences. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. Explore their website, discover their full product range, and join the Teva International family today for an unmatched coffee-serving experience.