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Balwins Green Edge: Sustainable Homes and Trade-In Program

Balwin Properties, a prominent JSE-listed residential property developer in South Africa, has made significant strides in offering a range of sustainable and modern living solutions. Here’s an overview of their recent developments, innovative trade-in program, and sustainability initiatives:

Current Developments

Balwin Properties offers a range of apartments for sale across various locations in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and KwaZulu-Natal. Some of their notable developments include:

Innovative Trade-In Program

Balwin Properties recently launched the “Balwin Approved” trade-in program, allowing homeowners to trade in their current Balwin apartment for a new one. This program is akin to premium car brand trade-ins and includes a thorough inspection, evaluation, and certification of the apartment. It also covers all costs such as transfer duties, fees, and refurbishment, providing a seamless process for homeowners. Additionally, Balwin Mortgages assists in bond approvals for new apartments, leveraging Green Bonds to obtain preferential interest rates​​.

Sustainability Initiatives

Balwin Properties is deeply committed to sustainable development. All their developments are EDGE Advanced and qualify for Green Bonds. This commitment is further illustrated by their recent achievement of the world’s largest green EDGE registration. Over 16,000 units across several developments have been registered, showcasing Balwin’s dedication to environmentally responsible building practices. EDGE certification aims for at least a 20% reduction in energy consumption, water usage, and embodied energy in materials​​​​​​.

This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also offers long-term financial viability, operational savings, increased market appeal, and accelerated property values. Balwin’s leadership in sustainable building practices is significant, especially considering the scale of their portfolio and the challenges of climate change​​.

The specific developments undergoing EDGE certification include Kikuyu Waterfall, The Whisken, The Reid, The Blyde, De Zicht, The Huntsman, Ballito Hills, Greenpark, Greenlee, and Greencreek, totaling over 16,000 units​​.

Balwin Properties thus represents a compelling blend of modern living solutions, innovative customer service programs, and a deep commitment to sustainability, setting a high standard in the residential property development sector in South Africa. Visit to find out more.